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5 “Banned” vaporizers

Online stores offer a wide range of vaporizers. Some of them are great performance devices that are fully safe for your health (in VapeFully store you can find only this type of vaporizers), while others are cheaper but very often bad for your health. The latter ones should be avoided at all costs.

Since there are so many different models of vaporizers, it’s sometimes hard to tell which one is safe to use. That’s why we prepared a short guide in which we talk about a few “banned vaporizers” that you should never use if you care about your health.


Titan 1 / Grenco Science G Pro Vaporizer


Titan Vaporizer is one of the cheapest devices that vaporizes the herbs without burning them. Remember, though, that even though this device doesn’t burn the herbs, it can still be bad for your health. The heating chamber is located just below the mouthpiece, which makes the vapor so hot that it can burn not only your mouth but also the upper respiratory tract. The design of this vaporizer is simply bad. When you use it, you can get cough attacks. To make the matters worse, the vapor path is not isolated from the electronic parts so you can sometimes inhale toxic fumes from the battery, heated electronic components etc. Some users have also reported that certain parts melt during the inhalation, which means you might be inhaling carcinogenic fumes from melted plastic. G Pro Vaporizer is the same device as Titan 1, just sold with a different name and at a higher price. In this case, you not only put your health at risk but also spend more money on the same, poor-quality device.


Titan 2 Hebe vaporizer


Titan 2 Hebe is an “upgraded” version of the (unfortunately) popular Titan 1 Vaporizer. The difference between Titan 2 Hebe and its predecessor is the possibility of precise temperature setting, a display showing the battery level and the current temperature and a slightly different shape. Other aspects were left unchanged, which means that the device still doesn’t have a vapor path isolated from the electronic elements and the user inhales toxic fumes while vaping. The chamber is located just below the mouthpiece so the vapor is not cooled properly and can burn the upper respiratory tract. The most characteristic feature of Titan 2 Hebe is the flavor of melted rubber and plastic that can be noticed throughout the whole inhalation. It’s better not to think about the range of toxins this device generates… Obviously, the manufacturer and the distributors assure that you just need to burn the device off a few times with an empty chamber and the flavor of plastic will be gone. Even some users claim that the smell and flavor go away after a dozen of sessions or so. That’s why VapeFully experts decided to do a test. We did the burn-off on an empty Titan 2 Hebe more than 30 times and the smell of plastic was still there! Perhaps the smell of vaporized herbs masks the smell of plastic but remember that the truth is it doesn’t disappear even after several burn-offs.


G Pen Vaporizer


G Pen was originally a vaporizer promoted by Snoop Dogg and created for concentrates vaporization (e.g. oils and waxes). Some time later, the manufacturer of G Pen released a device designed for herbs vaporization. It wasn’t a real vaporizer, though, as it burnt the herbs so the user inhaled smoke, not vapor. To make matters worse, the majority of devices sold in Europe were fake. As a result, users had poor-quality vaporizers that were made of unknown, potentially toxic materials. Since the rapper promoted the device and many people didn’t know how to choose the right vaporizer, G Pen became really popular, especially among beginners. It’s a pity because G Pen is bad for your health and the poor quality of the device definitely discouraged many people from the idea of vaporization since their first experience was disappointing.


VP-350 Vaporizer


VP-350 Vaporizer is a classic example of a cheap desktop device. Due to the low price and the greedy sellers, VP-350 (and some variations sold with different names) became one of the most popular choices among inexperienced users. The device is very low-quality and the majority of its parts are made of the cheapest plastic. Since the quality of those materials is very poor, they are not heat-resistant and they generate invisible, toxic fumes that the user inhales along with the vapor. What’s more, almost every device stops working after just a few weeks of use.


Cloudtank M3/M4


Cloudtank M3 and Cloudtank M4 are devices that make a really good impression – they look like elegant and solid e-cigarettes. Thanks to the metal cover, Cloudtank vaporizer has a really appealing appearance. Don’t be fooled, though – Cloudtank M3 and Cloudtank M4 are not real vaporizers! Even though the stores that sell them claim that the material in these devices is “evaporated, not burnt”, this statement is far from true. Since the herbs come into a direct contact with the heater, they actually get burnt and produce smoke rather than vapor. After the session, the chamber is filled with ash, not brown, evaporated herbs. The way Cloudtanks work has nothing to do with vaporization. They simply burn herbs, which is a reason good enough to avoid these devices.

We know how difficult it is to choose the perfect vaporizer, especially if you are new to the subject. We know it from our experience! It’s very easy to make a mistake because many sellers focus more on the income than the satisfaction of the customer. In VapeFully, we sell only good-quality vaporizers that are safe for your health. We know that people who decide to switch from smoking to vaping care about their own health and they look for a long-lasting solution. We always put your satisfaction first and we never offer vaporizers of low quality.

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