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5 Steps to take before vaporization

Many users fill the chambers of their newly-bought vaporizers straight after they get them and they immediately proceed to inhalation. They don’t know that a few simple things done before the first session can greatly improve the vaping experience. Check below what 5 steps you should take before you start vaping to make the most of the inhalation.


Portable vaporizer – battery charging


When you get a new vaporizer, it normally comes with a partially charged battery. Regardless of the battery level, it’s always recommended to charge it fully before the first use. All manufacturers agree that this simple step will prolong the battery life. The charging time varies from one model to another so it’s best to check the manual in order to know exactly when to unplug the device. Some models should be unplugged just after the battery gets fully charged (e.g. Boundless CF/CFX), others are equipped with a system that protects them from “overcharging” and can be left plugged overnight (e.g. PAX 2, PAX 3).


 Burn-off – all vaporizers


Every new vaporizer needs a “burn-off”. You need to switch the device on with an empty chamber, set the temperature to the maximum level and let it work for about 15-30 minutes. All the new vaporizers, including the most expensive ones, may contain some trace amounts of oils and grease. Thanks to the burn-off, you can easily get rid of them and be able to enjoy pure flavor of the vapor from the very first vaping session. Some manufacturers indicate the need to do the burn-off in the manual but even if your device doesn’t come with such a recommendation, be sure to do it. It’s worth repeating the burn-off after every cleaning, too, especially if you use isopropyl alcohol. Let the vaporizer dry out and evaporate the remains of the chemicals by switching the device on with no herbs inside.


Proper grinding and effective vaporization


Except for very few vaporizers (e.g. Firefly Vaporizer or Firefly 2 Vaporizer), almost every device requires the use of ground herbs. If you use a conduction vaporizer (the majority of portable devices), you should grind the herbs as finely as possible – the closer they are to the consistency of sand, the better. To grind the herbs that well, you need to have a special grinder. The cheapest one among the grinders that will guarantee good results is MFLB Finishing Grinder. Properly ground herbs come in contact with the heated chamber walls so the vapor produced is more plentiful and the inhalation is more efficient. Convection vaporizers (the majority of desktop vaporizers and some portable devices) are much less demanding in this aspect. Medium-ground herbs are usually good enough to enjoy a good quality inhalation. Most regular grinders will let you prepare the herbs for a convection device.


Inhalation technique


The best inhalation technique varies from one model to another. All the devices have one thing in common – they need slow and long draws. In general, the longer the draw, the more vapor will be produced. Some models, e.g. Crafty Vaporizer, are easy to use and don’t require any special inhalation technique. With others, e.g. Firefly 2 Vaporizer, you need to take slow and long, minimum 10-second draws, otherwise, the quality of the vapor will be quite poor. When it comes to the best technique for each model, you can learn about them from the tips on our blog – all written by our vaporization experts. You can also check some videos on YouTube – there are plenty of them.


Make sure you drink enough liquids


Warm vapor generated by a vaporizer can dry the throat up, even if you use a high-quality device. That’s why, when you use a vaporizer, it’s so important to drink enough liquids, preferably mineral water. Take a few sips of water between the draws. This will help protect your throat and increase the inhalation comfort. An alternative way to protect your respiratory system is the use of a water filter – more info here.

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