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Best new vaporizers in 2017

The market of vaporizers grows really fast and every year brings new premieres. The technology advancement lets the manufacturers create vaporizers that a few years ago seemed impossible to make. Below we present the most interesting models of vaporizers that are supposed to be released this year.

Lynx Gaia, first herb vaporizer from a renowned manufacturer

Lynx Vapor is a well-known manufacturer of vaporizers that until now has been selling pen-type devices (in the shape of a pen), dedicated only for concentrates vaporization. Since Lynx Vapor is the leader on the market in terms of concentrate vaporizers, the quality of Lynx Gaia can turn the market upside down. Gaia is a small portable vaporizer with a hybrid heating system (it uses both conduction and convection). It’s the first device with a fully quartz (glass) heating chamber, which – along with a glass mouthpiece – supposedly guarantees the purest vapor flavor possible. The vapor path is completely isolated from the electronic parts so the water vapor is free from impurities. Lynx Gaia heats up really fast, within just 20 seconds. It features an OLED display, one-degree precision temperature control and a magnetic device that you can use to mix the herbs in the chamber and that can be kept in a compartment located inside the device. One thing is sure – you will hear much more about Lynx Gaia!

Haze Square, portable vaporizer with 4 chambers

Another very interesting premiere of this year is portable vaporizer Haze Square from Haze Technologies, the manufacturer of the popular Haze V3 Dual – the first vaporizer in the world that features two chambers you can switch between, which greatly improves the comfort of inhalation. Haze Square takes the game to an even higher level as it’s equipped with 4 chambers. The user can switch from one chamber to another by turning the top part of the vaporizer. This means that you can load all 4 chambers and have four vaping sessions with no need to reload the herbs. It’s a great solution when you inhale outside. Just like in Haze V3 Dual, you can modify the chambers and use them both for herbs ad concentrates, whichever suits the user better. Haze Square has a fully convectional heating module and a powerful heater that guarantees a short heating time. The Bluetooth connection lets the user pair the vaporizer with a mobile application that gives the option of all parameters control through a smartphone.


New Arizer – the best-kept secret in the vaping world

Arizer Tech, one of the most renowned manufacturers of vaporizers has released some very successful devices, like desktop Extreme Q and V-Tower and portable Solo and Air. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that vaping fans are really excited about the premiere of Arizer Tech, planned for this year and announced with a 16-second video. It’s the most intriguing premiere of 2017 not only because Arizer has many fans looking forward to it but also because little is known so far about the new vaporizer. At the moment, we only know that it will be portable, not a desktop device and that it will have a one-degree precision temperature control (the portable Arizer models available so far had only a few pre-defined temperature settings) and a display that will show the current temperature and the battery level. The battery of the new Arizer is supposed to last longer than any other battery on the market. The rest of the features are a secret. Rumour has it that the new device will be called Arizer Solo 2 but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Well, we’ll find out this year!

The year 2017 is going to be really interesting, especially that the above-mentioned vaporizers are only 2 devices out of many that will have their premiere this year. For now, if you’re looking for a new vaporizer, get one of the high-quality devices from our offer – you’ll find the best ones in the offer of VapeFully.

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