How to choose a vaporiser?

So you’ve decided to buy your first (or maybe another?) vaporiser. It’s a good and wise decision that will positively change your experience with aromatherapy. We are happy that you will soon join the fast growing community of vaporising followers. Before it happens, we want to help you make the right choice. Once you have read this article, it should be much easier!

We know that for a person who has just become familiar with the idea of vaporisation, the amount of different devices and varieties might be overwhelming. We’ve been there ourselves and we know that making the choice can give you sleepless nights. We will try to make this process more pleasant by emphasizing the most important features that you should pay attention to while making the purchase. We are convinced that you will fall in love inn this method of inhalation, just like we did!

1. Portable or stationery?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. No other aspect of your vaporiser will make such a difference.

Portable vaporisers give you great freedom and independence since you can bring it with you wherever you want and use your favourite herbs whenever you feel like doing it. The disadvantage is hat you depend on a source of energy, Portable vaporisers can work on regular or rechargeable batteries or on gas (butane). The latter, used in lighters, is commonly available. Additional rechargeable batteries can be bought together with the set and to solve the problem of the reduce capacity of the battery, you can get a power bank – a mobile accumulator that will let you charge the vaporiser of the smartphone. What method of charging is the most convenient for you? Bear it in mind while making the purchase. Portable vaporisers are perfect for a small group = from 1 to 3 people. With a larger number and an intensive inhalation, even the most advanced products will simply need a moment to cool down.

Stationery vaporisers don’t give you the unlimited mobility of the portable devices, but they are much more efficient. The vapour they generate is almost always more powerful and thicker than in the portable vaporisers. Thanks to the fact that they are continually connected to the electricity, they can feature some really powerful heaters that in the case of a portable vaporiser would simply use up the battery in no time. What’s more, thanks to the size of the stationary vaporisers, ventilators can be installed in them and used to inflate the balloon. Currently no portable model allows for this kind of inhalation. Stationary vaporisers are recommended mainly for larger groups, but are equally good for using just on your own.

2. Conduction or convection?

These two words refer to two different methods used in vaporisers to heat the plant material.

With conduction, herbs come into a direct contact with the heater, usually made of ceramic or metal. The thermal energy goes directly from the heated surface onto the plants and makes them release certain substances. The disadvantage of this solution of the fact that the plants get hot in the contact area, which may result in an accidental ignition. The herbs don’t get vaporised evenly and it is necessary to stir them in the heating chamber several times during the session s that all the material comes in contact with it. Conduction requires some much less complicated technological solutions so conduction vaporisers are usually cheaper than the convection models. What’s more, they use less energy, which lets you use them for a longer time.

During convection, the herbs don’t come in contact with the heater as it is placed between the chamber with the herbs and the air inlet. The air, heated by the heater goes through the chamber filled with herbs and gets all the properties out of the herbs. You can compare it to a special kind of conduction, where the heating surface is formed not by the ceramic plaque, but by every air particle. This means that the vaporisation is exceptionally even and doesn’t require stirring. Also, even vaporisation means even release of taste, which gives more equalized taste sensations, as opposed to conduction vaporisers, where the taste can be very intensive at the beginning. The disadvantage of this solution is a longer initial heating time.

3. Requirements versus budget

Think about what exactly you want from your vaporiser. Do you want the maximum of taste sensations and savings on herbs or is a small advantage over burning enough for you? Do you want a precise control of temperature or do you find this function redundant? Are you interested in extra accessories, water filters and cases?

If your budget is limited, you don’t have to worry that by investing in a cheaper device you will make a mistake and you won’t be happy with the purchase. In VapeFully, our focus is on the quality of the devices – we sell only verified products with some minimum level of functionality and quality. When we test the products, our main objective is your safety – we check whether the materials used are not harmful for your health. What’s more, we make sure that every vaporiser available indeed vaporisers the herbs rather than burning them, which is common in the cheaper vaporisers. However, if you can spend a larger sum, it is worth investing in a device of a higher quality, with a wider range of functions, as it will make your inhalation sessions more enjoyable.

Does the flavour count? It is, indeed, but even the cheapest devices will let you notice a huge difference between vaporising and burning. As the price of the devise goes up, so does the quality and the taste of the vapour.

Is temperature control indeed necessary? Yes and no. It mostly depends on the type of herbs that you are planning to use. Some of them require a higher temperature, others a lower one. In the majority of the cases, however, the temperature of around 190-200°C is enough. It is worth mentioning that the temperature of 200°C is quite symbolic. Tar substances that may be carcinogenic don’t get produced below this temperature.

Are water filters indeed useful? Yes! Water filter, combined with a vaporised fume is the best solution that you might imagine. It is worth investing into extra accessories as they improve the flavour, humidity and the quality of the vapour.

4. Stationary vaporisers: Balloon or tube? Or maybe both?

Stationary vaporisers give the possibility of direct inhalation through a tube made of PVC or silicone or through a balloon – a plastic bag into which a vaporiser built into the ventilator blows the vapour produced.

Due to the capacity, a balloon is much more handy for group inhalation. It also gives more freedom and is easier to use. For those with health problems, the easier inhaling from the balloon is an important advantage. It puts up no resistance at all. When you inhale from a tube, you have to ‘pull’ the air through the chamber with herbs. The more the chamber is filled with herbs, the more resistance it pouts up. A tube allows, above all, to control the amount of the inhaled vapour, but it also forces you to stay within the reach of the vaporiser. If a tube seems like a good solution for you, consider buying V-Tower. Are you interested in balloons only? We recommend Volcano Classic/Digit. Or maybe you feel like having both? Choose Extreme Q4.0 or VapirRise.

5. Simplicity of use

Do you like learning new things and you are willing to experiment? Choose Magic Flight Launch Box that with time and gained experience turns into a very efficient vaporiser. Or perhaps you want to have a simple vaporiser that is supposed to fulfil its basic functions? Consider the vaporisers from Flowermate series. Do you like getting ready for the evening ritual and you are happy t spend some extra time preparing it? We recommend Aromed that requires attaching several glass parts, pouring some water and a precise manual setting of the heater above the heating chamber. It will repay with the vapour of an unusual quality.

We know that the choice of the device is not easy due to a wide diversity. Beginners normally don’t know what is important and what’s not. We hope that we managed to clarify the most important aspect. We encourage you to filter the products by preferences and to get acquainted with the products specifications. Fingers crossed for your right choice of an ideal vaporiser! If you still have some doubts or if you need anything, remember that you can always talk to our experts who are happy to help and will resolve your doubts. Send us your questions to or use the live chat option.

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