CBD – which one to choose?

Recently, new types of CBD appeared in our store. What are their features and which one will be the best for you? Let’s see! What is a CBD? The CBD is dried hemp, which contains less than 0.2% of THC. Such low concentration of THC makes it completely legal due Polish law and does not […]

TOP 3 vaporizers for concentrates!

Vaporisation of concentrates is gaining more and more supporters. We have chosen the best vaporizers for this purpose! Check which models work the best! Puffco Plus Vaporizer – what more could be wanted? Puffco Plus Vaporizer is a little, pen-shaped vaporizer. It presents unbelievably and is refined in every respect. This model is extremely efficient – it provides dense […]

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer – for strong players !

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is a portable convection vaporizer that provides dense and tasty steam. What is special about the vaporizer produced by new, debuting company in this industry? Let’s see! Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is the first Ghost Vapes vaporizer. Lack of experience was not an obstacle to the production of a great device.  During the design […]

Fum Box – revolution of herbs storage!

Meet the Fum Box – this accessory will change storage of herbs forever. VapeFully offers Fum Boxes in a various colors and 3 different sizes. In this article you will find out how particular models differ and why it is the best accessory to store the herbs.  As some of you may have noticed, in the […]

Upcoming vaporizers!

Market of vaporizers is fast growing recently. There is more and more devices to inhalation. We have chosen several products that will appear in our offer soon and we think they are the most promising . Why? Check it out! Haze Square Vaporizer – a four-chamber cube! Haze Square Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer from Haze […]

The best stationery vaporizers – 2018 edition

Stationary vaporizer is a great solution for home inhalations. A strong heater provides dense steam and those devices are great for vaporizing in the company. Do you want to get to know the best stationary models? You are more than welcome to read on! Volcano Digit Vaporizer – timeless classic! Volcano Digit Vaporizer is designed for inhalations […]

The best convective vaporizers – 2018 edition

Convective vaporizers are often considered as the best type of the devices. They provide the highest quality steam and are very economical at the same time. Do you plan to buy a portable convective vaporizer? Check out the best models! Convective vaporizers do not require fine grinding and tightly filling herbs into the chamber, on […]

Best Vaporizer Gift for a Him

Are you fed up with the characteristic smell of smoke that fills your flat? Do you want your partner to stop damaging his own health by constantly inhaling harmful smoke? Or perhaps you just want to give him a gift to make him happy? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it […]

The Least Discreet Portable Vaporizers

The discreteness of vaporizers use is quite a popular subject – many devices look almost exactly like e-cigarettes and they attract no attention from the people around you. Today, we want to have a look at some vaporizers that are far from inconspicuous, but they do an amazing work. If you’re planning to use your […]

Best Vaporizers for a Ski Trip

Winter is coming and many of us are already looking forward to having some fun on the slopes. While preparing your skis or snowboard for the season, think also about the right vaporizer for winter conditions. Below, we talk about the models that are adapted to cold weather and we give you tips on how […]

2017 Bestsellers – recap

The year 2017 was full of interesting premieres so we prepared a short review of the vaporizers that no vaping fan should miss. If you still haven’t had a chance to try them out, make sure you keep an eye on them in 2018! The market of vaporizers, especially the portable ones, is growing very […]

How to choose a vaporiser?

During convection, the herbs don’t come in contact with the heater as it is placed between the chamber with the herbs and the air inlet. The air, heated by the heater, goes through the chamber filled with herbs and gets all the properties out of them. You can compare it to a special kind of […]

With the arrival of ArGo Vaporizer (Arizer Go Vaporizer), our offer contains all Arizer brand vaporizers released in 2017. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most important differences between ArGo Vaporizer, Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer and Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer. Although the Arizer Tech portable vaporizers differ a lot in terms […]

Premieres of new vaporizers!

Recently, many new, worthwhile models of portable vaporizers appeared on the market. Therefore, we want to talk about the three most interesting premieres that – in our opinion – stand out from the crowd. More info about new devices coming soon! Vaporization is currently becoming so popular that new devices appear on the market almost […]

Best critics of vaporizers

The number of vaporizers available on the market can make you slightly dizzy, and a person looking for the first vaporizer can feel a bit lost and confused. In this situation, the reviews of vaporizers published on the Internet by professional critics of these products may be very helpful. Below, we present some of the […]

Vivant Alternate Vaporizer is often referred to as a budget version of Crafty Vaporizer and it’s quite true. The device not only looks but also works almost exactly like the legendary, portable vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. Find out from out text how to make the most of your Vivant Alternate! At first glance, Vivant […]

X-MAX Starry V2 Vaporizer vs. XVape Fog Vaporizer

We have recently added two new models to the VapeFully offer – X-MAX Starry V2 Vaporizer and XVape Fog Vaporizer. At first glance, they are very similar. Their prices are comparable, too. However, there are many differences between these two models. Find out what these differences are, and which device is more suitable for you. […]

Some of the vaporizers in the price range under 100£ are very good, other are not-so-good or even bad. That’s why you have to be extra careful when you buy a device within such budget. In VapeFully, we sell only high-class vaporizers that are safe for your health, so there is no risk you’ll get […]

Aromatherapy with a vaporizer

Even though the majority of vaping fans use vaporizers for inhalations with medical marijuana, these devices are perfect for inhalations with other types of herbs, some of which are usually consumed in the form of infusions. Find out from this article which vaporizers are best for aromatherapy and what benefits you can get from herbs […]

[TIPS] X-MAX Starry V2 Vaporizer

X-MAX Starry V2 Vaporizer is a very small and efficient portable vaporizer. It produces vapor of a high quality, it heats up very fast, features a replaceable battery and offers a full temperature control. On top of that, it’s available at a truly affordable price. Read our tips to learn how to make the most […]

Have you got a desktop Arizer Extreme Q 6.0? Congratulations! It’s an amazing device! Read our guide below to learn how to make the most of this device and get even better results each time you vape! Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 Vaporizer is definitely the most popular vaporizer on the market and it comes as […]

Boundless CF Vaporizer and Boundless CFX Vaporizer are amazing vaporizers, but with a few simple modifications, you can still improve the experience of vaping with these devices. Below, we present a few simple tricks that will help you squeeze maximum potential out of your Boundless! Boundless CF Vaporizer and Boundless CFX are powerful, hybrid vaporizers […]

The most affordable vaporizers

Even if your budget is limited, you can still get quite a decent vaporizer at a lower price. Which devices from the lower price range are worth trying? Below, we present a few vaporizers that – in our opinion – are the best value for money. Have a look at them! Vaporizer from the highest […]

The start of the year is a good opportunity to update the list of the best portable vaporizers. We’ve decided to change the ranking form this time and we want to present the best vaporizers from the first half of 2018, one for each category. Every year brings a wide range of new vaporizers into […]

TOP 3 Vaporizers for gamers

Playing games – whether on a console or a computer – is one of the favorite pastimes for many of us. Whoever had a chance to play after using herbs knows that it’s one of the best things you can experience. Today, we present TOP 3 vaporizers for gamers. These models will perfectly match an […]

ArGo Vaporizer (Arizer Go) – preview

After this year’s premieres of Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer and Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer, nobody expected that Arizer Tech would release a new portable vaporizer the same year. However, just a few days ago, the manufacturer presented Arizer Go Vaporizer, for short ArGo. Before it hits the European market, let’s have a look at the […]

FlipBrick Vaporizer – preview

FlipBrick Vaporizer is the latest vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs, the creator of the famous butane vaporizers from Sticky Brick series. FlipBrick will be soon available in our offer, but we’re giving you a sneak peek at this model already – check how it works, what features it has and why it’s so special. Since […]

The most anticipated premieres of 2018

This year brings many new products into the vaping market. Find out which models released this year are worth your attention. We are in for a treat this year – many surprises and some totally unexpected premieres. It’s gonna be fun! Every year, there are more new models released on the vaping market than the […]