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Looking for the best vapor flavor? Check THESE portable vaporizers!

Portable vaporizers differ in terms of various features and one of the most important aspects is the flavor of the vapor they produce. If you like enjoying the flavor of your favorite herbs and you’re looking for a vaporizer that will do the best job at releasing that taste, check which devices our experts recommend to those users who prioritize the flavor of the vapor.

Even though the vapor always tastes better than smoke, its quality depends on the device you use for vaporization. Some models guarantee an unforgettable experience in terms of the vapor flavor. If you use herbs and you like its taste and aroma, check the devices we talk about below.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer – iPhone among vaporizers

Firefly 2 is sometimes called an iPhone among vaporizers and it really deserves to be called so. One of the founders of Firefly Vapor (the producer of this vaporizer) used to have a position quite high up the ladder in Apple. The vaporizer itself is also stuffed with the latest technological solutions – it features touch sensors, a heating system that lets the device reach the required temperature in just 5 seconds and it connects to Bluetooth through a mobile app that you use to operate the device. Let’s put all the aspects of this vaporizer aside and let’s focus on the flavor of the vapor it produces. This flavor stands out due to several reasons. First of all, it’s the convection heating method – the herbs are heated only with a stream of air, which always guarantees a better vapor flavor and it’s incomparably better than in the case of conduction vaporizers (those which heat the herbs with the walls of steel or ceramic heating chamber). What’s more, the material that’s heated with hot air is located in a glass heating chamber. The whole vapor path – the distance between the chamber and the mouthpiece – is made of glass, too. Thanks to this solution, the vapor flavor is extraordinarily pure and free from any aftertastes, e.g. the flavor of hot stainless steel. The combination of all of these solutions guarantees one of the best flavors of vapor that you can imagine. There are very few vaporizers that can match Firefly 2 Vaporizer in this aspect.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer – new version of a legendary vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is one of the products that came on the market in 2017. It’s the second generation of the legendary Arizer Solo. It’s quite a large device that differs from other models in terms of the method of herbs loading – instead of putting the herbs directly into the heating chamber inside the device, you put them into a glass chamber that’s located at the end of a glass mouthpiece that’s installed in the cover of the heater. The heating element is ceramic so the air it heats is free of any aftertaste. Arizer Solo 2 is a hybrid vaporizer (convection-conduction), where convection is prevalent, which is another element that adds to the great flavor of the vapor produces by this device. However, above all, the herbs are heated in a glass chamber and the vapor is directed to the mouthpiece through a glass path. This means that the whole glass path, including the chamber and the mouthpiece, is made of high-quality, laboratory glass that leaves no aftertaste. As a result, we get a vapor that’s got an outstanding, exceptionally pure flavor – something that can hardly be achieved with the majority of vaporizers. If you take into consideration that the vapor produced by Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is really powerful and that the inhalation is very efficient and economical, you get a vaporizer that’s very close to perfection.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer – conduction that guarantees an outstanding vapor flavor!?

Even though DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is a device that’s 100% based on conduction (it heats the herbs with the walls of the chambers), the flavor of the vapor produced by this vaporizer outclasses all the other devices of this type. How is it possible? The heating chamber is entirely made of high-quality ceramic that lets the device generate vapor of a much better flavor than in the case of devices with stainless steel chambers. The vapor path also includes some elements made of Zirconia ceramic – they are durable and leave no aftertaste even when they get very hot. The so-called ‘pearl’ (the piece that pushes the herbs inside the chamber) is also made of Zirconia ceramic, so is the mouthpiece (both versions – concave and flat), as well as the special Flavor Chamber that’s also located in the vapor path. This number of ceramic elements improves the vapor flavor so much that it’s hard to believe this model is based entirely on conduction! The vapor flavor you experience throughout the majority of the session is better than the one you achieve with many convection vaporizers – and they are supposed to be generating a better quality vapor than the conduction models. To sum up, DaVinci IQ will satisfy even the most seasoned users of herbs! And don’t forget about other advantages of this model: you can set it up through a mobile app, program your own Smart Paths (temperature changes throughout the inhalation session), fast heating and a replaceable battery. You can also put some aromatic herbs into the Flavor Chamber (you can use e.g. peppermint) to add some extra flavor to the vapor you inhale. It’s quite an original solution!

Looking for the best vapor? You’ve just found it!

If your priority is the best vapor flavor, any of the above-mentioned models will astound you! These devices stand out in terms of vapor flavor that you can experience when you use other types of vaporizers. What’s more, the amazing flavor is not the only reason why the models we described above deserve your attention.

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