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Portable vaporizer: session or on-demand model?

All the portable vaporizers belong to one of the two groups: session vaporizers or on-demand vaporizers. Below, we briefly remind you how these two types of vaporizers differ and we talk about which will work better for various types of users.

We have already talked about the differences between session and on-demand vaporizers – an article on this subject can be found here. That’s why in this article we will discuss these differences only briefly, and we’ll focus more on which type of vaporizer will be better for different users and their specific needs.

Session vs. On-demand Vaporizer – what’s the difference?

Session vaporizers and on-demand vaporizers are completely different types of devices. The main difference is in the style of inhalation – in the case of session models, after you fill the chamber, the entire content should be used during one inhalation (or ‘session’), and it’s not recommended to cease it because it significantly reduces the efficiency of the vaporization. In this type of vaporizers, the herbs are heated all the time, from the moment you switch the device on to the moment you switch it off, including between the draws. Heating the dried material for the entire duration of the inhalation means lowering the efficiency – some of the active substances (cannabinoids) contained in the herbs are wasted between the draws. The use of a session vaporizer can be compared to smoking a joint – it should be smoked in one go, it burns itself automatically between puffs, and when you extinguish it and light it up again, you will lose both the part of the material and the flavor. On the other end, we have on-demand vaporizers that heat the material instantly, on demand. In their case, the herb is not heated all the time, but only when you take a draw and possibly for a very short time after it. Such a solution makes these types of devices much more economical – first of all, the herb is not heated all the time, so it does not go to waste between the draws. What’s more, when you use the on-demand vaporizer, you can stop the inhalation at any time and finish it later without any loss of the efficiency. Using an on-demand vaporizer can be compared to smoking with a pipe or a bong – the sessions are short and rather intense.

Session Vaporizer – for whom and for when?

Wreszcie, jeśli oszczędność materiału nie jest absolutnym priorytetem, za to wysoko cenimy sobie komfort i prostotę inhalacji, wówczas model sesyjny również okaże się znacznie lepszym wyborem – korzystanie z tego typu waporyzatora jest po prostu wygodniejsze, nie wymaga zbytniej uwagi z naszej strony i z tego względu dużo lepiej sprawdzi się np. podczas oglądania filmu czy na imprezie.

If you plan to use your vaporizer together with your friends, a session model will be much better. These types of devices are usually much easier when it comes to the technique of inhalation, so you will have no problem teaching your friends how to use them (more about group inhalation here). Above all, however, session vaporizers are better suited for inhalation in a larger group due to the fact that they are adapted to many draws in a row, which is quite hard in the case of on-demand vaporizers – in such situations they may overheat, it may be necessary to frequently refill the chamber with dried herbs or the battery can die quite fast. The use of a session vaporizer is very similar to smoking a joint, and it will be much better for those who preferred longer sessions with smoke (or joints) in times when they smoked in some more traditional ways. Finally, if the economical use of the material is not an absolute priority, but you highly value the comfort and simplicity of inhalation, then the session model will also be a much better choice for you – using this type of vaporizer is simply more convenient, does not require too much attention on the user’s part and will simply be more comfortable and practical at a party or while watching a movie.

On-demand Vaporizer – for whom and for when?

On-demand vaporizers are devices designed for one-person inhalations, and they are not suitable for inhalation in a larger group – an on-demand model can be used by maximum two people at a time. This type of vaporizer isn’t a good solution for those who are not patient or time to put in a little effort to master the vaporizer – on-demand models usually require more practice than session models when it comes to the use and the technique of taking draws. Bear that in mind if you choose this type of a vaporizer. However, if you are open to learning (it’s a part of the fun!) and you’re looking for a device for individual inhalations, then your on-demand vaporizer will pay back with exceptional efficiency and material saving. The ability to take just 1-2 draws is a perfect solution for busy people who want to provide themselves with cannabinoids during the day, but not necessarily have the time or the opportunity to have a long session with the vaporizer. Also, the possibility of stopping the inhalation and finishing it later helps save the material – you can easily have 2 sessions with the same material, while in the case of a session device, you have to fill the device twice to have two sessions. The main factor that lets conduction, on-demand vaporizers save material is the fact that the herbs are heated only for a short time, and only when the user takes a draw – this allows for a better use of substances contained in the evaporated plant material. Therefore, if you want to use as little herb as possible, an on-demand vaporizer will definitely be a better choice.

Do you already know which type of vaporizer will be the best for you?

We are very happy if this article helped you choose the type of device that will better suit your needs. However, if you still have any doubts and you can’t decide – feel free to contact us. Our qualified experts will be happy to give you professional, free advice!

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