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VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer

VapeXhale Cloud EVO is the first stationary vaporizer that managed to outperform the legendary Volcano. Cloud EVO is a top notch vaporizer in terms of the quality and power of the vapor. This desktop vaporizer features a 100% glass air tube, which guarantees a pure flavor and the elimination of all the impurities. The standard set comes with a glass mouthpiece, but you can also purchase some stylish and unique water filters (so-called HydraTubes) that are available separately, in several options. The material you vaporize is heated 100% through convection. Cloud EVO helps you make the most not only of dried herbs but also concentrates, which results in huge savings. No other vaporizer can match the power of Cloud EVO. The set comes with a 3-year manufacturer guarantee. To sum up – Cloud EVO is a perfect vaporizer!

The design of VapeXhale Cloud EVO can make you think that it’s just another desktop vaporizer. However, appearances can be really deceptive! Cloud EVO is a real king among vaporizers! It guarantees the best quality vapor compared to all the vaporizers that have been manufactured so far and it completely outclasses the legendary Volcano. All the materials used for the production of Cloud EVO are the highest quality and you note it immediately when you take it in your hands and start using it.

Cloud EVO features a very interesting solution, EZ Load Bowls that make the use of the vaporizer much easier. They are capsules made of thin screen. You can put your dried herbs inside of them and then place the capsules in the heating chamber. This solution brings multiple benefits. First of all, it facilitates the cleaning process as the inside of the device is protected from herbs particles. Also, it lets you load the vaporizer immediately after you finish a session as there is no need to wait for the vaporizer to cool down. All you need to do is replace the capsule and you can continue the inhalation, which is a great plus when you vape in a larger group. What’s more, the herbs in EZ Load Bowls get vaporized really evenly and there is no need of mixing. The use of Cloud EVO is very simple: load a capsule, place it in the vaporizer, switch the device on, wait until it heats up to the required temperature (it can be set with a knob at the front of the device) and start vaping. Powerful experience guaranteed!

The herbs inside the capsule are heated with a stream of hot air, which is 100% convection heating. Cloud EVO is really powerful so it lets you make huge clouds of vapor. The quality, the flavor and the strength of the vapor are mindblowing! The amount of the herbs in the chamber will influence the length of the session, but not its quality. Even if you use a very small amount of herbs, e.g. 0,1 g, you will still be able to draw perfect quality vapor. All of these features make Cloud EVO very versatile – it’s great both for solo vaping with a small amount of herbs and for long, group sessions. This is an indisputable asset of this vaporizer. The highest available temperature in this device is 260 degrees Celsius, which means it is very effective at vaporizing herbs concentrates. For this purpose, you can use VapeXnail made of durable, borosilicate glass.

Another advantage of Cloud EVO we can’t miss is the efficiency. This device extracts active substances from the herbs more efficiently than any other vaporizer available on the market. Thanks to that, you can get equally good results using a smaller amount of herbs, compared to other vaporizers. This, in turn, means savings so you can be sure that in a long term, the purchase of Cloud EVO will definitely pay off!

Like all desktop vaporizers, Cloud EVO is powered by a cable with a power supply unit, plugged into a socket.

Apart from a standard mouthpiece, made of borosilicate glass, you can get three types of water filters (available on request):

  • Turbine – for better flavor of the vapor;
  • HydraHoneyComb – for smoother and milder vapor;
  • HydraBomb – for reduced resistance when you inhale.

You can also connect Cloud EVO to your own bubbler or a water pipe, which can be done with the use of a special adapter.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer pros:

  • Best quality and most powerful vapor on the market;
  • Highest quality materials and finish;
  • Unrivaled efficiency and material savings;
  • Comfortable use – herbs capsules;
  • Wide range of interesting accessories;

VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer cons:

  • One of the most expensive vaporizers.

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Metoda inhalacji

bezpośrednia (ustnik)


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  1. The price might be hard to swallow but this vape is defo worth it. You can take in the whole chamber in just 1-2 hits and the results swipe anyone of their feet. Cloud Evo is the king of vaporizers!

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