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The most discreet vaporizers – part II

The possibility of having a discreet inhalation is a great advantage of vaporization, especially when we don’t really want everyone around to know what kind of herbs we are using. Below, we present some vaporizers that will let you enjoy your herbs in a very inconspicuous way.

We’ve already talked about the most discreet vaporizer before (you can find the text here) but we believe this subject deserves more attention. As we get asked a lot about the models that guarantee the highest discreteness, we’ve prepared an updated list of vaporizers that match this requirement.

Grasshopper Vaporizer – a magic pen

Grasshopper Vaporizer is a device that looks like an elegant pen. Even once you already have it in your hands, you will think that it’s a stylish writing tool. This couldn’t be farther from the truth – Grasshopper Vaporizer is an outstanding, on-demand vaporizer that’s fully based on convection (find out more about the differences between the on-demand and session vaporizers here). It heats up instantly – max. within 5 seconds – and it provides an exceptionally powerful and tasty vapor. When you use this vaporizer, you take one draw, switch the device off, then turn it back on only when you plan to take another draw. Thanks to this, the use of Grasshopper is very discreet – you can take a quick draw, put the vaporizer in your pocket and then take another draw whenever you have a chance. Even if you want to use up the content of the chamber in one go, it doesn’t take too much time. The heater is very strong so the inhalations with Grasshopper are short and let you use all of the material up in just four draws of vapor. Shorter inhalations obviously increase the level of discreteness. Grasshopper can be easily hidden in your hand so even if you use it in public places, it won’t draw any unwanted attention. The majority of those around you will think that you are using a regular e-cigarette. Basically, Grasshopper is one of the most discreet vaporizers ever made.

MFLB – the famous wooden box

Magic-Flight Launch Box, or MFLB for short, is a really unusual device. It has no electronic elements but it requires a battery to work – you push the battery into the device to close the circuit and start heating the chamber with the herbs inside. After a few seconds, the user can inhale the vapor from the device through a glass mouthpiece. This means that MFLB is an on-demand vaporizer, just like the above-mentioned Grasshopper. It lets you take one draw at a time, which is a very discreet manner of inhalation. The advantage that MFLB has over other vaporizers is the fact that the inhalation is accompanied by a minimum amount of smell – this vaporizer, even though it’s powerful, doesn’t generate vapor that’s thick or highly visible and the smell of the vapor is really delicate. Even those who are just beside you might find it difficult to tell you what kind of herbs you are using. Another aspect of MFLB that increases the level of discreteness is the size of the device – without the glass mouthpiece (it’s not necessary to use it when you inhale), this model is almost exactly the size of a matchbox, just a bit thicker. You can easily hide it in your hand while you take a draw, so the inhalation is very discreet. To sum up, MFLB is the best device in terms of discreteness, plus it’s got a stylish design and it’s a good value for money.

Torch Vaporizer – small and discreet session device

Torch Vaporizer is a small, session vaporizer that heats the herbs through convection (the contact of the hot walls of the chamber with the material that’s inside). The small size of this model is a huge advantage – when you hide it in your hand, only a small part of the device will remain visible. The way Torch looks helps maintain the discreteness level a lot – it’s very much like a regular e-cigarette. The cover is made of stylish, matt aluminum and high-quality plastic. On top of that, it’s black so it doesn’t attract much attention. Nobody will suspect anything if they see you using your Torch. Torch Vaporizer is a great choice if you want to have discreet inhalations, e.g. when you go for a walk, go to a concert or when you’re in a club. Apart from the discreet look, this vaporizer is worth your attention because of its high quality and the affordable price. On top of that, compared to other on-demand vaporizers, Torch has a much more durable battery and is easier to handle. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a vaporizer but discreteness is very important to you, then you should definitely take Torch Vaporizer into consideration.

Your discreet vaporizer – do you know which one is the best for you?

Even though every form of vaporization guarantees a lower level of smell than traditional smoking, some vaporizers will help you keep a higher level of discreteness, which is very important, especially when you inhale outside. All of the devices described above are great when It comes to discreet inhalations but provide a good quality vaping experience at the same time. If you want our experts to help you choose the right vaporizer, send us a message and we’ll be happy to give you free, professional advice.

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