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The scariest vaporizers in the world

For Halloween, we´ve prepared an article that will make you tremble with fear! Our experts have made a list of the most horrifying vaporizers in the world. Are you looking for a way to scare your friends? Give them one of the models presented below! Or get dressed as a G Pen! Everyone will run for their lives!

If you like a bit of a thrill, you’ll like this article. Our experts have made a list of the scariest vaporizers available on the market. And there’s a lot to be afraid of! From melting plastic and fumes from hot batteries, through an ‘inhalation’ with an irritating smoke, to the burns of the upper respiratory system and intoxication with metal. Ready? Let’s go!

Titan II Hebe – inhalation with plastic fumes

Titan 2 Hebe is a small portable vaporizer with a full temperature control and a really durable battery. On top of that, it’s sold at quite an affordable price. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But there’s more! The manufacturer adds some extras, completely free of charge – the possibility to inhale melted plastic fumes and toxic gases released at high temperatures from the electronic elements and the battery! It’s a perfect Halloween gadget – after just a few sessions with Titan II Hebe, the user might shine in the dark, which will definitely make your outfit stand out and make your friends jealous.

Da Kube – MFLB in a Halloween disguise

Da Kube is a perfect vaporizer for Halloween. It will keep you company only on that special day because there is little chance it will work any longer! Even though Da Kube looks almost exactly like Magic-Flight launch box (it’s a fake), it burns the material much more often than the original version. Even if you do your best, once you finish vaping, a part of the herbs will be burnt and the rest will stay green and untouched. The batteries are amazing, too. In general, they can be trashed after just one use, which can serve as a trick to scare those friends who deeply care about the environment. One more way to use Da Kube on a Halloween day is to swap your friend’s MFLB for this outstanding device! We can guarantee you that you’ll hear him screaming form a very long distance!

Snoop Dogg G Pro – the most expensive plastic in the world

If you’re a fan of Snoop, you might get interested in the ‘vaporizer’ he promotes – G-Pro Herbal Vaporizer. It’s an example of devilish marketing. G-Pro is a clone of a Chinese vaporizer Titan 1 (the first version of the above-mentioned Titan 2 Hebe that’s even worse than its predecessor) but with a sticker from a different manufacturer who simply decided to sell the same thing at a multiplied price. A great Halloween solution! Apart from the chance to inhale a wide range of fumes, you get upper respiratory system burns totally free of charge! They are enabled through the vapor path of an amazing length of 2 cm, which directs the vapor of 200 degrees Celsius straight into your mouth. You just can’t miss this unforgettable experience!

Atmos Raw – a perfect disguise costume

Atmos is a company that cares about the customers’ needs to get a disguise costume for Halloween and decided to offer an electronic pipe for weed – a device that is dressed up as a vaporizer. No, it’s not a joke! Atmos Raw is promoted and sold as a vaporizer for herbs, while it has nothing to do with vaporization. The material comes into a direct contact with a red-hot heater, which immediately leads to burning. As a result, you get ordinary, poisonous smoke. Do you want to scare your hypochondriac friend? Just let him ‘vaporize’ with Atmos Raw!

Vape-or-Smoke, or… WTF?!

This is an absolute Halloween hit! This device is so scary that we don’t know where to hide! Even though Vape-or-Smoke had its premiere a few years ago, it still haunts us every Halloween day. How does it work? It has a built-in lighter with an adjustable flame. A small flame heats the herbs and lets you vaporize it. A larger one will simply burn the content of the chamber. What are the benefits of this unique solution? First of all, it’s the only portable vaporizer that adds a touch of butane to the vaporized marijuana – your friends will get green with envy! What’s more, after you use Vape-or-Smoke in the burning mode, the device acquires an everlasting flavour of a cigarette butt – something that no vaping fan wants to miss. The cherry on the cake is the fact that the device is made up entirely of plastic that melts while you ‘vaporize’ and the fumes intensify the experience. Vape-or-Smoke is a must-have!

Ready for Halloween? Almost!

If you’ve got everything in place for Halloween celebrations, you should think about a portable vaporizer – not one that will scare your friends away but something of a really high quality. It will make all the Halloween tricks even funnier and the sweets taste even better. That’s why we offer you a 10% discount for devices that won’t scare you! Password: halloweed17*.

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