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[TIPS] Crafty / Mighty Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer and Mighty Vaporizer amaze with their solid construction and the quality of vapor they produce. They are considered the best portable vaporizers in terms of vapor flavor that satisfies even the most seasoned users. Our experts prepared a list of tips so that you can make the most of these outstanding vaporizers.

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1. Crafty / Mighty Vaporizer – preparation

– Before the first use, switch on your vaporizer, set the highest temperature and let the device work for about 15 minutes in order to get rid of all the remains of any substances used during the manufacturing process. This will guarantee an unspoiled vapor flavor from the very first session.

– Dry and grind the herbs well. Finer texture of the material creates a larger contact area between the herbs and the hot air, which results in a more efficient vaporization. Dry herbs are not only easier to grind but also produce a thicker vapor.

Crafty Vaporizer and Mighty Vaporizer do a great job with small amounts of herbs if you push the material with a liquid pad (a metal insert for concentrates vaporization). What’s more, liquid pad reduces the amount of herbs that get into the cooling unit, which allows for a less frequent cleaning.

2. How to use the vaporizer

– If you want the herbs to last long, start the vaporization at low temperatures so that later on, towards the end of the session, you can increase the temperature and get more out of the same load of herbs.

– It’s easy to put a rubber tube on the mouthpiece of the vaporizer in order to connect the vaporizer to a water pipe. When you use this solution, the vapor becomes cooler and milder.

– A lot of tiny particles of herbs can go through the screen under the heating chamber but you can replace it with a finer screen (included in the set) so that you don’t have to clean the heating chamber too often.

– If you use your vaporizer with your friends, make sure you give it breaks before you pass it on to the next user, otherwise, your vaporizer can overheat and after two or three sessions, it will simply switch off. This will force you to take an unpleasant, obligatory break…

– NEVER put the herbs into your Crafty Vaporizer/Mighty Vaporizer if they are still hot as it could shorten the battery life.

3. How to clean Crafty / Mighty Vaporizer?

– Once you finish the session, clean the heating chamber and the screen with the cleaning brush that comes with the set.

– From time to time, you might also have to soak the cooling unit and the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol. In order to do it, you will have to disassemble those parts. Before you do it, make sure you read the manual as these elements are very easy to break. Any sticky residue can be removed with a cotton bud soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Don’t use acetone because it can discolor the plastic elements and rubber gaskets. Once you finish the cleaning process, rinse all the parts well with hot water and wait until they dry before you assemble and use the vaporizer.

– After some time, the gaskets will have to be replaced. You will notice it because vapor will start leaking from the vaporizer.

We recommend THCleaner for these models cleaning.

Did you like it? Let us know in the comments which tips you found the most useful!

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