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[TIPS] Extreme Q 6.0 Vaporizer

Extreme Q 6.0 Vaporizer is the most often chosen vaporizer in Europe. It comes as no surprise cause it’s a powerful, desktop vaporizer that satisfies both those who vape solo and those who like enjoying their favorite herbs in a group. Thanks to the guide we’ve prepared, you will learn how to make the most of this outstanding device.

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1. Extreme Q Vaporizer – preparation

– Before the first use, switch your Extreme Q, set the temperature at 26 degrees Celsius and let the vaporizer work for about 30 minutes to get rid of all the remains from the manufacturing process. This way, you can get rid of any unwanted flavors that might spoil the vapor during the first session.

– Dry and grind the herbs well. Finer texture of the material allows the hot air penetrate the herbs better, which results in a more efficient vaporization. Dry herbs are easier to grind and produce thicker vapor.

– Be patient and start the inhalation about 15 minutes after the indicator shows that the device reached the set temperature. The heater might get hot quite fast but its glass elements also need time to heat up, otherwise, the inhalation won’t reach the optimum level. You can speed this process up if you switch on the fan (the chamber needs to be empty) and let the vaporizer work for 3-4 minutes at the highest speed and temperature.

– If you want to have a solo session, we recommend the so-called elbow-pack method -put the herbs into the sieve located in the glass elbow rather than into the heating chamber. This will let you have an efficient inhalation without the need to use a large amount of herbs.

2. How to use the vaporizer

– After a few draws, take the used herbs out and grind them once again. When they are dry, it will be very easy to achieve a very fine texture and when you reuse them, you will be surprised with how powerful they are.

– When you fill the balloons, you can choose from three fan speeds. The lower the speed, the longer you will have to wait for the balloon to fill. However, a lower speed will guarantee a thicker vapor. Bear that in mind to adjust the type of vapor to the inhalation circumstances.

– When you inhale through the tube, take long and slow draws to produce large and visible clouds of vapor.

– Remember that even when you don’t inhale, the device keeps heating the material because the glass elements remain hot. If you want to take a break, take off the blowpipe with the herbs. Be careful while doing it as it can be very hot!

– You don’t have to use up a full load of herbs in one go. Try vaping at lower temperatures (180-190) and when you want to continue, increase the temperature (to 190-210) and finish the session. With a bit of practice, you will be able to divide one load of herbs into three sessions.

3. How to clean Extreme Q Vaporizer

– The dirty glass elements and steel screens can be cleaned by soaking in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours. The alcohol dissolves all the oils and other impurities that create a residue inside. Once the elements are clean, rinse them well with hot water.

– A dirty balloon cannot be cleaned but the manufacturer designed it in such a way that you can replace it with a new one yourself. You can get spare balloons or use a DIY solution – get a tinfoil baking sleeve and put a glass tube with an o-ring on it, just like in the case of the balloon that comes with the set.

We recommend THCleaner for this model cleaning.

Let us know which tips you find the most useful. Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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