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[TIPS] Flowermate V5 Vaporizer

Flowermate V5 Vaporizer is a perfect solution for those who spend a lot of time outside. Long battery life and good quality vapor let you enjoy the flavor of your favorite herbs wherever you go. It’s one of the most often recommended vaporizers in its price range due to the solid construction and good vaping experience. If you want to make the most of your Flowermate vaporizer, make sure you read our tips below!

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1. Flowermate V5 Vaporizer – preparation

– Before the first use, switch on your vaporizer and set the highest temperature. Let it work like this for a few sessions. It’s recommended for all vaporizers in order to get rid of all the remains of oils and grease used during the manufacturing process as they can affect the vapor flavor during the first inhalation.

– To get the best vaping results, fill the entire chamber with the herbs, then push them slightly so that they stay with the ceramic part of the chamber.

– Don’t grind the herbs too finely as the mouthpiece of Flowermate V5 Vaporizer tends to block when you use very finely-ground material.

2. How to use the vaporizer

– Try to stir the herbs regularly inside the chamber in order to achieve an even vaporization.

– The metal element of the mouthpiece gets REALLY hot during the vaporization. Be careful not to touch during the inhalation and for a few minutes after it’s finished.

– The device switches on for 5-minute sessions. If it switches off during the inhalation, you simply need to switch it back on.

– During an intense inhalation, give your vaporizer around 5 seconds to bring the temperature back to the right level.

– If you don’t use a full load of herbs in one session, remember to close the chamber before you turn the device in order to remove the mouthpiece. It’s a common error that results in wasted herbs.

3. How to clean Flowermate V5 Vaporizer

– When the internal chamber turns brown, it’s best to wipe it with a cotton bud soaked in acetone/isopropyl alcohol and rub it with the brush included in the set.

– A dirty mouthpiece needs to be soaked in acetone/isopropyl alcohol for a few hours and cleaned with a cotton bud.

We recommend THCleaner for this model cleaning.

Do you know any other tips? Let us know!

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