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[TIPS] Linx Gaia Vaporizer

Linx Gaia Vaporizer is a small vaporizer that has an outstanding power and produces a great quality vapor. The special feature of this model is a glass heating chamber that – along with a glass mouthpiece – guarantees the purest possible vapor. Add very short heating time and a sturdy construction and you get an almost ideal vaporizer.

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1. Linx Gaia Vaporizer – preparation

– Before the first session, charge the device fully with the USB cable. Once the battery is charged, take off the cover of the mouthpiece and switch the vaporizer on by pressing the main button quickly five times. Then, use the temperature setting buttons to set the highest temperature and hold the main button so that the device starts heating up. Let Linx Gaia Vaporizer work like this until it switches off automatically. Turn the vaporizer off and repeat all these steps once again. This way, you’ll do the so-called burn-off that will help you disinfect the device and remove any characteristic aftertaste that can be present in every new electronic device.

– Grind the herbs finely and use the tool located in the bottom part of the vaporizer to push it in the heating chamber. The chamber should be full, and the material should be gently pushed, but not to an extent that might make it more difficult to inhale.

2. How to use Linx Gaia Vaporizer

– Once you fill the chamber of your Linx Gaia Vaporizer with herbs, switch it on by pressing the main button quickly five times. Then, set the required temperature and start the heating process by holding the main button for a while.

– We recommend that you start the inhalations with lower temperatures, around 190 degrees Celsius. This will help you get a smooth vapor of a great flavor. It won’t be too thick, though. Once the vapor becomes less plentiful, increase the temperature to ca. 205 degrees Celsius in order to use the content of the chamber in a more efficient way and to produce a thicker and more powerful vapor. Alternatively, you can gradually increase the temperature throughout the inhalation, e.g. by 2 degrees after every draw.

– For best results, take long and even draws. They shouldn’t be too intense, though if you want to make large clouds.

– For a higher efficiency, you can stir the content of the chamber during the inhalation. At the bottom of the device, you’ll find a special tool for it. The stirring itself is not necessary but it does improve the quality of the vaporization.

– Linx Gaia is a session vaporizer, which means that for an optimum efficiency you have to use all of the content of the chamber in one session.

– When you don’t use your Linx Gaia, make sure you put the magnetic cover on the mouthpiece – it will protect the mouthpiece from accidental breaking. Be careful not to lose it while inhaling!

3. How to clean Linx Gaia Vaporizer?

– If you want your Linx Gaia to perform well for a long time, you must clean it regularly. If you vaporize on a daily basis, we recommend that you clean the device every 10 days or more often.

– The element that should be prioritized in terms of cleaning is the heating chamber. In order to clean it, soak a cotton bud in isopropyl alcohol, take the mouthpiece off and clean the inside of the chamber by rubbing its walls with the cotton bud. We recommend that you do it holding the vaporizer upside down to make sure any excess alcohol flows outside instead of leaking to the inside.

– The mouthpiece cleaning is very simple – disassemble it and put all the metal and glass pieces into a small container with isopropyl alcohol. It’s enough if you soak the elements of the mouthpiece for just 30 minutes. Then, rinse all the elements with hot water, let them dry and assemble the mouthpiece.

– Once you finish cleaning the vaporizer, do the ‘burn-off’ again, just like you did before the first session. This will help remove any remains of isopropyl alcohol.

We recommend Cleaner LaPiLu for this model cleaning.

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