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[TIPS] PAX 3 Vaporizer

PAX 3 Vaporizer is the latest generation of the famous PAX series. It provides a great-quality vapor, it’s got a beautiful design and the production quality is simply top-notch. PAX 3 features many improvements – it heats up in an instant, it’s compatible with a mobile app, communicates with the user through vibration notifications and it’s got a more powerful battery. You can choose between two versions of PAX 3 Vaporizer – one comes with a Complete Kit that includes all the accessories, the other one – Basic – comes with a limited range of accessories.

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1. PAX 3 Vaporizer – preparation

– Before the first use, you need to do the ‘burn-off’ of your PAX 3 Vaporizer. Charge the battery to the maximum level, set the highest available temperature and let PAX work with an empty chamber for a few minutes. Remember that PAX 3 will switches off automatically when it’s not in use so when the diodes change the color from green to purple, simply shake your PAX gently. A 5-minute burn-off will do. This way, you will disinfect the device and remove any aftertaste from substances used in the production process, characteristic of new electronic devices.

– Grind the herbs as finely as possible – a sand-like texture is the best. If you use a three- or four-piece grinder, turn it upside down while grinding your herbs so that the material keeps being ground instead of falling into the chamber below.

– Once you’ve ground your herbs, check if they’re not too moist. To get the best quality vapor, use completely dry material. If it’s still moist, wait for an hour so that it dries up.

2. Vaporization and the use of the device

– Fill the heating chamber with the material. For optimum performance, PAX 3 requires the herbs to be properly squeezed in the chamber. You can fill the whole chamber and use the standard lid or fill only half of it and choose the Half-Pack lid (it’s included in Complete Kit set and you have to get it separately if you chose the Basic set). Push the herbs in the chamber quite well, but make sure the airflow is not restricted.

– If you have PAX 3 Basic, we strongly recommend that you get the Half-Pack lid that will let you fill just half of the chamber.

– PAX 3 Vaporizer doesn’t require long draws, but they should be slow. You’ll get the best results if your draws are long and slow. If you don’t use the mobile app, start the inhalation with the temperature set on ‘I’ or ‘II’. When you notice that the device is starting to produce a smaller quantity of vapor, increase the temperature. You can set the temperature by pressing and holding the button in the mouthpiece – every time you press it, the temperature will go up, which will be reflected by subsequent LED diodes switching on.

– Pair your PAX 3 Vaporizer with the mobile app. Download PAX Vapor app on your smartphone, open it and switch the vaporizer on at the same time. Follow the steps indicated on the screen of your phone. The app gives you access to one more, fifth temperature level that can be personalized. What’s more, you can access various inhalation modes: Standard, Boost (stronger heating, good for water filter inhalation), Efficiency (higher efficiency, the temperature goes up automatically throughout the inhalation), Stealth (dimmed LED diodes, less aroma produced) and Flavor (faster heating between the draws, better vapor flavor). The app also offers tutorials about the use and cleaning of your PAX.

3. How to clean PAX 3 Vaporizer?

– Take off the mouthpiece and the lid of the chamber.

– Use the pusher included in the set to push out the screen located at the bottom of the chamber.

– Soak the fabric rod with isopropyl alcohol, remove the excess liquid with a paper towel and wipe the whole vapor path well (the path from the chamber to the mouthpiece).

– Put the mouthpieces and the screen from the bottom of the chamber into a bowl filled with isopropyl alcohol and soak them. Don’t soak the lid of the chamber – you can damage it if you do so. Use boiling water to rinse all the elements that were soaked in alcohol in order to get rid of any remains of it.

– Wipe the space under the mouthpiece with a cotton ball dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

– Wait until all the elements dry out and assemble your PAX 3 Vaporizer.

– Before you start a vaping session, do the ‘burn-off’, just like before the first use. This way you’ll get rid of any remains of the alcohol.

We recommend Cleaner LaPiLu for PAX 3 Vaporizer cleaning.

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