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Vaporization methods

The range of vaporizers is currently so wide that we decided to dedicate a separate article to the methods of inhalation you can choose from. Since every decent store that sells vaporizers offers a wide variety of devices, you have to choose from a wide range of inhalation methods. This article will help you choose the one that will be the best for you so that you can choose the perfect device that will meet your needs.

Desktop vaporizers with an inhalation tube

First vaporizers were desktop models with a long, usually silicone tube for vapor inhalation, which looked much like smoking shisha. Even today, some vaporizers from the most renowned manufacturers, such as Arizer (Extreme Q, V-Tower) or Stolz & Bickel (Plenty) still offer this kind of solution because it has one huge advantage: the vapor is perfectly cooled by the time it reaches the user’s mouth. Provided that the tube is long enough, of course, or that it’s made of a heat-absorbing material, like in the case of Plenty, where the tube is actually a metal spiral. Apart from the cooling aspect, tubes also improve the comfort of inhalation when you vape with friends- you just need to pass the tube, rather than switch places when someone wants to take a draw.

Portable vaporizer: direct inhalation

Direct inhalation from the mouthpiece installed in a vaporizer is the most frequent solution I the case of portable devices. Some mouthpieces in portable vaporizers are flat (PAX 2), some are made of plastic (Crafty, Mighty, CFX, CF), others are made of glass and you attach them on a thread (Odin, Flowermate V5.0s PRO). These mouthpieces increase the level of discreteness because when you inhale vapor from them, it looks as if you were using a regular e-cigarette. Some models have longer mouthpieces (Arizer Air, Arizer Solo, Sticky Brick) – they cool the vapor down better but are less inconspicuous and they usually draw some attention. One of the advantages of a portable vaporizer is the fact that you can use it on the go and hide it in your hand. The main drawback is the temperature of the vapor – it has no time to cool down properly before you inhale it unless the device is fitted with a special cooling system.

Desktop vaporizer: inhalation from a balloon

Some vaporizers, e.g. the famous Volcano Vaporizer, produce the vapor that fills a balloon. Once it’s filled, you detach it and inhale the vapor through a mouthpiece placed in the balloon, which is a technique very close to taking natural, deep breaths. This method of inhalation is definitely the easiest and the most intuitive method of vaporization, so it’s often recommended to those, who use herbs for medical purposes, especially to some more mature patients. Apart from the simple inhalation technique, balloons guarantee a vapor that perfectly cooled down, thick and potent. What’s important, desktop vaporizers with the balloon option are very often sold at quite affordable prices – some of the best examples are Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 or Vapir Rise. On top of that, both of these devices are multifunctional, and they offer the possibility to inhale with a silicone tube, too.

Inhalation through a water filter

Some desktop vaporizers have water filters built in (e.g. Aromed), while in others you have the option of using the filter or not (Arizer Extreme Q, VapeXhale Cloud EVO). These filters cool the vapor down and clean it while it passes through water and/or ice. This significantly increases the inhalation comfort and lets the user take longer draws. What’s important, some portable vaporizers also offer the option of water filtration. To do it, you need to install a special cap with a water filter (so-called bubbler, available e.g. for Storm Vaporizer) or connect your vaporizer to an external water filter – you will need a special adapter to do it (e.g. for Flowermate V 5.0s).

Vaporization: the best inhalation method

Everybody has different expectations in terms of herbs vaporization. If you wonder which vaporizer you should buy, think about which inhalation method will be best for you. If you plan on using your vaporizer outside, a portable device will be a good idea. If you want to vape mainly at home, choose a desktop vaporizer that can be connected to a water filter. Anyway, if you’re a real fan of vaporization, you’ll probably end up getting two vaporizers – one portable, for magic walks and one desktop – for unforgettable parties. We’re convinced that it’s inevitable because vaporization is the best way to absorb the properties of your favorite herbs!

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