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Vaporization – what is it?

Vaporizers, the effects of vaporization and its benefits have recently gained popularity. To anyone who is new to the vaping world, all the information may seem unclear and chaotic, especially with no previous explanation of what the vaporization process is. If the word “vaporization” rings no bell to you, reading this article is a must.

Vaporization – what is it?

The term “vaporization” isn’t new. It’s been used for a long time to describe the physical phenomenon in which water vapor is produced. Lately, however, this word has gained a new life – it started being used to describe the vaporization of active substances from herbs. The idea of releasing the required ingredients through the evaporation, rather than through smoking, was formed in early 90’s in California. Initially, the idea wasn’t very popular, but with time people became more fond of it. The devices used for vaporization were becoming more and more advanced and the phenomenon gained popularity. So did the term ”vaporization”. What exactly is “vaporization” then?

Herbs vaporization – how does it work?

In the sense we refer to, vaporization means raising the temperature of your favorite herbs in order to release their active substances that can be inhaled in the form of a vapor generated in this process. This solution allows us to absorb the same active substances as during smoking, but without the presence of harmful smoke. You might wonder why vaporization of herbs is becoming more and more popular lately since it’s assumed that the smoke from herbs is anyway much less harmful than the one generated when we smoke tobacco. The answer is that vaporization offers a long list of significant benefits. First of all, lack of smoke means lack of damage to the respiratory system. No smoke is good for your respiratory tract, even if it’s smoke from organically grown herbs. According to the research done in the USA, the condition of the respiratory tract improves greatly within just one month of switching from smoking to vaping. Secondly, vaporization is a much more efficient way of extracting the active substances from the herbs – when you smoke, a large amount of them gets destroyed due to the temperature being too high. Larger efficiency means noticeable savings on herbs – you can save almost half of what you used to spend! Thirdly, vaporization is much more discreet than smoking – the vapor has much less intensive smell compared to smoke and its smell disappears much faster. There are obviously many more benefits of vaporization – so many that we wrote a whole separate article about them!

Vaporizer – how to evaporate herbs

If you want the vaporization to be effective, you need to pay close attention to the temperature. It must be high enough to release the active substances in the form of vapor but at the same time, it needs to be low enough to not let the herbs burn, which would be accompanied by smoke. In order to achieve this kind of temperature and to expose the herbs to it, you need a device that is specially designed to do this task – a vaporizer.

Vaporizer heats the herbs up to a certain temperature, which results in generating the vapor – the process called vaporization. Depending on the type of vaporizer, the vapor may be inhaled in various manners. Some models allow for the vapor to be inhaled directly from the device, through a built-in mouthpiece. In other cases, you can inhale through a silicone tube or a balloon filled with vapor. The market offers a wide range of vaporizers of various quality. Since the device is exposed to high temperatures generated during the vaporization process, a vaporizer should be made of heat-resistant materials, otherwise, they can be dangerous to health. The use of the cheapest materials of low quality is a frequent problem found in the cheapest vaporizers. That is why – contrary to our competitors – we don’t offer vaporizers of this range. We sell only the models of vaporizers that are safe to your health and have been tested by experts from VapeFully. You can choose your first vaporizer with no doubts about its quality and be sure that the device will help you protect your health and cut down the expenses on your herbs.

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