Vaporizer – a gift for her

Are you thinking about getting your girlfriend a gift in the form of a vaporizer? It’s a great idea! A vaporizer is a gift that not only guarantees a great experience but also helps you look after the health of your girlfriend. In this article, we present some of the best models that we’d recommend as a gift for your better half.

A portable vaporizer is a great idea for a gift for your girlfriend! It not only provides a pleasurable experience of herb use in a new way, but it also guarantees discreteness and allows for a completely safe use of the favorite herbs. Sounds good, doesn’t it? What characteristics should the perfect vaporizer for a woman have? First of all, it should be small and discreet so that it fits even into the smallest purse. Second of all, it should be pretty and sexy. On top of that, it should provide the best vaping experience! Let’s have a look at a few models that meet these criteria.

AirVape XS Vaporizer

AirVape XS Vaporizer is a small and discreet device. Thanks to the flat construction, it fits even into the smallest clutch bag. This vaporizer has an elegant, minimalistic look and it’s locked in a durable, metal cover. The look of the device makes it so discreet that it can be used even in public places with no risk of attracting unwanted attention. The majority of people will simply think that it’s just another, elegant e-cigarette. Don’t be fooled by the small size, though – AirVape XS is a powerful vaporizer that does a great job. Thanks to the full range of temperature, the parameters of the vapor can be adjusted to the individual preferences of the user, and the short heating time (30 seconds) will let your girlfriend enjoy the device with no unnecessary waiting. The ceramic heating chamber and the glass mouthpiece guarantee the purest vapor flavor, while the special cooling system in the mouthpiece helps cool the vapor down so that it’s comfortable for the air pathways. The built-in battery allows for 4-5 inhalations on one charge, and if the user needs more power, AirVape XS can be always connected to a powerbank through a micro-USB port and continue the session even while charging the device. The comfort of use is additionally increased by the large and clear display that shows the temperature, the battery level and the time remaining until the automatic switch-off that helps save the battery life. Additionally, there are vibration notifications which inform the user that e.g. the set temperature has been reached or that the device is about to switch off automatically. AirVape XS Vaporizer is a perfect device for her!

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Even though DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is a device that is popular both among men and women, we believe it’s a great idea for a gift for her. DaVinci IQ is a very small vaporizer – it can be hidden even in a small, female hand. When the mouthpiece is installed in the device, the whole thing looks more like a powerbank than a vaporizer for herbs. This model also fits into a small bag. Why is DaVinci IQ such a unique vaporizer? First and foremost, this device provides a vapor of a very high quality. Thanks to the fact that the vapor path is made entirely of Zirconia ceramic, the vapor produced by DaVinci IQ has the purest flavor that can be matched by very few devices. Thanks to the construction the vapor is always perfectly cooled down – even when you inhale at the highest temperatures, the vapor is gentle and doesn’t irritate the throat, but it’s still powerful. What’s more, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is stuffed with the latest technological solutions. For example, it can be connected through Bluetooth to a mobile app that lets the user manage the vaporizer from the phone level and to program 4 personalized Smart Paths – special inhalation modes that let the user define the way and speed the temperature will increase throughout the session. On top of that, DaVinci IQ is a reliable and durable device of the highest quality, which is best proven by the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The cherry on the cake is the replaceable battery – DaVinci IQ uses standard, 18650 type batteries, which means that you can easily get a spare battery and replace the used one with a new one whenever need be. DaVinci IQ is a vaporizer that your girlfriend will definitely fall in love with!

Linx Gaia Vaporizer

Another great vaporizer for her is Linx Gaia Vaporizer. It’s a new product in our offer and we recommend that you have a closer look at it. Linx Gaia Vaporizer is the first portable vaporizer in the world with the heating chamber made entirely of quartz. The herbs are heated inside the chamber in two ways – by the hot walls of the chamber and a stream of hot air (hybrid heating). This kind of system guarantees a perfectly even heating of the herbs. The mouthpiece is made of glass, which means that the vapor gets in contact only with glass that doesn’t affect the flavor at all. This solution guarantees the production of a vapor that’s got a perfectly pure flavor, much better than in the case of vaporizers with ceramic chambers. The temperature can be set with a one-degree precision, which is additionally facilitated by a high-quality OLED display located on the side of the device. It shows all the most important parameters, like the temperature or the battery level. Linx Gaia is ready to work almost in an instant – it reaches the required temperature within 20 seconds! In the bottom part of the device, you can find a magnetic tool that serves for pushing the herbs and to take it out once you finish the session, which is a very comfortable solution. Linx Gaia is a great vaporizer, available a tan affordable price. It’s locked in an elegant, stylish and durable case that makes it look like a box mode – an e-cigarette with a large battery. The inhalations with this vaporizer are very discreet even in public places. Linx Gaia makes a great gift for her!

Vaporizer or her – the perfect gift!

All the model above-mentioned models are perfect gifts for your girlfriend. They are beautiful, sexy and they guarantee a great vaping experience. Each of them will easily fit into a small bag. But above all, a vaporizer is a great gift because it lets your loved one enjoy herbs without causing any harm to her health. And there’s nothing more important, is there?

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