Why is it worth vaporising?

Vaporisation is undoubtedly the best way to absorb the properties of all the herbs available. Yes, your favourite ones too. Perhaps you’ve already seen some devices or you’ve had a chance to try a vaporiser yourself. First impression: a phenomenal taste of herbs, incredible discreetness and comfort. Vaporisation, however, has many more advantages than you might think!

Let’s begin with what’s most important: What is this whole vaporisation?

The word derives from the word ‘vapor/vapour’, meaning steam, fume. Vaporisation is the process of bringing the herbs to a temperature high enough to get the best out of them and to make the most of their properties. At the same time, the temperature is too low to ignite the herbs and no smoke that accompanies burning is produced. So much for theory – how does it work in practice?

1. Vaporisation means health

Traditional burning of the herbs results in the creation of smoke that carries plenty of toxic carcinogens which you inhale intensely. Everybody knows that smoking is harmful – it causes all kinds of cancer, heart diseases, respiratory system and digestive system disorders. It damages the teeth, makes the skin look older an many more. What if you could inhale your favourite herbs without that chemical cocktail? Would you try?

If you use your herbs for medical reasons, the purchase of a vaporiser is the only right decision. Some herbs have anti-cancer properties so why diminish the therapy effects by inhaling carcinogens into your lungs? Better physical condition, sharper sense of smell and no cough, even after intensive inhalations – these are only some of the positive health effects that you can enjoy.

2. Vaporisation means savings

During the traditional burning, a vast amount of the active substances gets damaged due to the process of pyrolysis. The temperature of the heat and fire is enough for the active substances to evaporate, get oxidized and – as a result – get damaged. Many properties of herbs simply get combusted and vanish.

When you use a vaporiser, neither of the above happens because you use all of the vapour produced. It is definitely a more economic way of absorbing the properties of herbs.

You are probably wondering – Okay, but if different properties are released at different temperatures, what about the temperatures that cannot be achieved in the vaporiser, like the ones above 240°C? It is worth mentioning here that the carcinogens start to be created in just above 200°C. That’s why we recommend vaporisation at a maximum temperature of this level. Even at lower temperatures the majority of the properties will be released. And what about the rest? We suggest experiments in the kitchen to squeeze the remaining properties out of the herbs. You will be definitely surprised with the results.

Vaporisation means savings. If you use it 2-3 times a week, the investment will pay off after just six months – despite the relatively high price of the device, the purchase is simply worth it. Think of it as an investment that will bring effects that will be noticeable not only in your breath, but also in your wallet.

3. Vaporisation is discreetness

You won’t be bothering your family and neighbours any more. The vapour you inhale during the vaporisation is very subtle and virtually odourless – it shouldn’t bother anyone. The lower the temperature, the greater the discreetness. And – as we all know – it’s very important.

The vaporisation process is very simple and fast – you just need to fill the device with chosen herbs, switch it on… and after a short moment you can enjoy harmless, discreet vapour. Simple, isn’t it?

4. Vaporisation is pleasure

Smoke smells. It’s a fact. Just ask the non-smokers! It stays in your clothes, your hair and the skin. It bothers people, irritates the eyes and – most of all – tastes awful.

Vaporisation is a perfect solution for those who don’t like smoke, but wouldn’t like to give up on the herbs. The taste of vaporised herbs is incomparably better – it doesn’t irritate the tongue or the throat; it’s subtle and pleasant.

If you haven’t tried vaporisation yet, you’ve missed a lot. You will see that the smoke actually screened the smell that you like so much. You will understand immediately that it was just an unnecessary addition that used to spoil everything.

During vaporisation, the subtle differences between different varieties of herbs come to the surface. Once you eliminate tar and other smoke ingredients, you get a pure, uncontaminated flavour. From now on, chocolate mint and lemon mint are two distinct universes of taste and smell.

5. Vaporization is a precise choice of properties

The effects of herbs inhalation are not based on just one active substance. It is often a mixture of several dozens of compounds that react to various temperatures. Thanks to the possibility of precise temperature control, you yourself choose the properties of certain herbs – decide whether you want to make the most of the expectorant, relaxant or anti-inflammatory properties of the licorice you are vaporising. Or maybe you want all of them?

Vaporisation is by all means better than traditional burning. Take good care of your health today, as long as you are healthy, to avoid potential future diseases. It will also have a positive effect on your wallet and the process of inhalation will be much more pleasant and discreet. The purchase of a vaporiser is a very wise choice and a long-term investment. That’s why it’s really worth buying your own vaporiser and join the fast growing world-wide community of aromatic inhalations followers.

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